Our Story

Approximately 6,200,000 dogs die in the US each year. 3.8 million in homes and vet hospitals, and an additional 2.8 million in animal shelters. After learning about those numbers, we knew we needed to do something. Even if we could save ONE of these dog’s lives and help them find a forever home, we would be making a difference.

But was it possible to create a program that supports owners with the loss of their dogs just as much as it helps save the lives of other dogs? Not just another normal charity, something different. Members would get so many benefits and as the community and brand grows, the more dogs would be saved.

That’s exactly what we decided to create. Stay Pawsitive is a community that not only saves dogs, but a program that gives back to its supporters just as much as they give to it. Together with our Facebook community and Pawws Membership we’ve helped animal rescues save dogs by providing them with financial support fueled by our members.


Help us achieve our mission of sharing our love for dogs, supporting owners in loss, raising awareness about animal cruelty, and helping local rescues across the United States gain support and funding.