Dog Med Laser

Reduce Inflammation, Reduce or Eliminate Pain, and
Accelerate Wound Closure with the Dog Med Laser...

What is Dog Med Laser Therapy?

Dog Med Laser Therapy (a Low-Level Laser Therapy device) is a treatment that uses specific 635nm wavelengths of laser light to interact with body tissue in order to help accelerate the superficial healing processes.

Dog Med Laser (a Low-Level Laser) emits photons to stimulate cells to perform specific tasks in the body, such as, reducing inflammation and edema, reducing or eliminating pain for a time, and speeding up wound closure. Inflammation reduction, post-Surgery healing and Pain management are the three prominent therapies proposed by the Dog Med Laser.

In essence, the Dog Med Laser teaches wound cells to multiply faster, teaches nerve cells to stop the sensation of pain from reaching the brain and increases blood flow to reduce edema. The Dog Med Laser is the perfect alternative to risky anti-inflammatory medication.

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Older Dogs & Joint Disorders

Deliver pain relief, better amplitude of movement, comfort and better quality of life for older dogs with degenerative joint disease, afflicted with hip dysplasia or any other orthopedic disorder.

82% of dogs will be plagued by arthritis (osteoarthritis) when they get older.
Both humans and dogs suffer from joint disorders as they get older. The most common aging condition is degenerative joint disease (DJD), which is often called arthritis. Arthritis (osteoarthritis) causes loss of cartilage, joint inflammation and pain.
Dog Med Laser Therapy will help reduce joint inflammation, this in turn will help reduce joint pain and make life more comfortable for your older dog.

Joint Disease

Dog Med Laser Therapy will deliver reduction of joint inflammation, temporary pain relief, better amplitude of movements, comfort and better quality of life for dogs with joint disease like Hip Dysplasia or any other orthopedic disorder.

Specially designed with your dog’s health, comfort and well-being in mind

  • Reduction of arthritis joint inflammation
  • Temporary reduction or elimination of arthritis joint pain for up to 8 hours

Arthritis Conditions

  • Hip Arthritis (Osteoarthritis)
  • Shoulder Arthritis
  • Elbow Arthritis
  • Intervertebral Arthritis / Herniated Disks
  • Carpus Arthritis (wrist)
  • Stifle Arthritis (knee)

Dysplasia Joint Disorders

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Shoulder Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia

How can Dog Med Laser Help?
Low-Level Laser Therapy (what scientists call photobiomodulation) has been used for decades to reduce inflammation and pain in humans. Low Level non-heating Lasers have been in use for at least 10 years in veterinarians’ offices. Dog Med Laser brings the same technology to your home to help bring relief to your aging best friend and minimize the effects of age-related joint disorders pain. Pain relief can last up to 8 hours.

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Post Surgery Recovery


Stimulate wound cells to multiply faster, thus, accelerating wound closure. A faster wound closure will reduce the risks of infection. Reduce post-surgery inflammation, and reduce or eliminate pain.

Accelerate Post Surgery Recovery from Occurrences such as:

  • Spay and Neuter Surgery
  • Tooth Removal / Dental Surgery
  • TPLO
  • Dog Bite Surgeries
  • Foreign Body Removal Surgery
  • Fractures and Dislocations
  • Ear Surgery
  • Belly Surgery
  • Spinal Surgery
  • FHO
  • Amputations

How can the Dog Med Laser help post-surgery healing?

  • Dog Med Laser Therapy stimulates cells to multiply faster (mitosis) for a faster post-surgery wound closure, reducing the risk of infection often associated with opened wounds
  • Dog Med Laser Therapy reduces post-surgery inflammation
  • Dog Med Laser Therapy greatly reduces or eliminates post-surgery pain for up to 8 hours
  • Dog Med Laser red laser light will penetrate most wound dressings to reach the tissues and stimulate cells making the treatment easy

Dog Med Laser Therapy treatments before and after rehabilitation exercises should cover the surgical area, along with all of the joints and spine, in order to:

  • Stimulates cell energy production (ATP)
  • Stimulates blood circulation and delivery of oxygen
  • Stimulates and speeds up the healing processes
  • Reduce wound pain
  • Reduce rehabilitation exercise inflammation and pain
  • Increases amplitude of movements
  • Accelerate full recovery

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The Science and Technology behind Dog Med Laser


Photobiomodulation is the strange scientific (and official) word for Low-Level Laser Therapy.

The use of this term is key, as it distinguishes Low-Level Laser photobiomodulation therapy, which is nonthermal (doesn’t generate heat), from the use of light-based thermal devices used for heating tissues using near-infrared (NIR) lamps.

Dog Med Laser is a true nonthermal laser using 635 nm red beam superior quality laser diodes generating a power of 21.5 milliwatts per diode with frequencies for better results.

635 nm red beams have been in use since the late 1960s and have been proven over and over again to be the best wavelength to deliver cellular stimulation and trigger cellular communication in order to generate positive results for inflammation pain management and for acceleration of wound closure.

Dog Med Laser considers laser diodes to be the most efficient photon delivery medium to stimulate human or animal cells. Dog Med Laser diodes are expected to last many, many years, if used in a normal home environment.

Low-Level Photobiomodulation Lasers work by stimulating cells to do specific tasks. Cells are fragile organisms and coaxing them to do work a certain way is tricky.

Low-Level Laser photons’ delivery to the cells must respect a few principles in order to generate efficient results. Dog Med Laser’s manufacturer is a member of the World Association of Laser Therapy (WALT).

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