Important News Annoucement: Fraud Alert Please Read This...

Important Announcement: Fraud Alert

Hi everyone at Stay Pawsitive,

It has come to our attention that there have been fraudulent charges that are being billed under our company name.

We would like to make clear that Stay Pawsitive has absolutely nothing to do with these rogue charges and it is unrelated to any regular charges processed by Stay Pawsitive.

We have dug deeper into the issue and have discovered the following:

ZJP Consulting, the previous owner of Stay Pawsitive, had their old payment processing account hacked into, which caused these fraudulent charges to begin.

When ZJP Consulting sold the ownership over to us, we opened up a new payment processing account, while ZJP Consulting’s original account remained dormant.

This is where the fraudulent charges began, due to a hacker gaining access to ZJP Consulting’s payment processing account, causing many older customers, to be charged multiple times.

We have been in contact with ZJP Consulting all week and they have told us that they are working to freeze their payment processing account and refund all of the charges made by the hacker.

All charges should be automatically refunded, but they are also instructing customers to charge back with your bank/credit card company to ensure you get a refund. This will also help ZJP Consulting to shut down the account completely.

If you have been affected by this incident and have not yet received a refund or have any other questions or issues, please reach out to them directly at You can also visit their website