Important Announcement: Fraud Alert

Hi everyone at Stay Pawsitive,

It has come to our attention that there have been fraudulent charges that are being billed under our company name.

We would like to make clear that Stay Pawsitive has nothing to do with these rogue charges and it is unrelated to any regular charges processed by us.

Below is what we have been able to find out:

Stay Pawsitive was previously owned by ZJP Consulting. When ZJP Consulting sold the ownership over to us, we opened up a new payment processing account for the store, while ZJP Consulting’s original processing account remained dormant.

This is where the fraudulent charges began, due to a hacker in the UK gaining access to ZJP Consulting’s payment processing account, causing many older customers, to be charged multiple times.

We have been in contact with ZJP Consulting and they have told us that they are working to freeze their old payment processing account and try to refund the charges.

If you have been affected by this, we highly encourage you to dispute/charge back on your credit card as soon as possible.

This will also help ZJP Consulting to shut down their old processing account completely.